Welcome to Lagos

KSh 1,600

When army officer Chike Ameobi is ordered to kill innocent civilians, he knows that it is time to leave. As he travels towards Lagos, he becomes the leader of a new platoon, a band of runaways who share his desire for a better life.

Their arrival in the city coincides with the eruption of a political scandal. The education minister, Chief Sandayo, has disappeared and is suspected of stealing millions of dollars from government funds.

After an unexpected encounter with the Chief, Chike and his companions must make a choice. Ahmed Bakare, editor of the failing Nigerian Journal, is desperate for information. But perhaps the situation is more complex than it appears.

As moving as it is mesmerising, Welcome to Lagos is a novel about the power of our dreams for the future and the place of morality in a sometimes hostile world.



Author: Chibundu Onuzo
ISBN: 9780571268948
Country: Nigeria
Publisher: FABER & FABER
Size (mm): 135 x 216 x 29
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Weight 405 grams
Language: English
Date: 05 Jan 2017

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