The Story of Maha

by Sumayya Lee

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The child of a forbidden marriage, Maha grows up happily in Cape Town until her world changes forever when her parents are killed at a political rally. At the age of eight, Maha is reclaimed by her loving but staid Indian grandparents and taken to live in Durban. Growing up in the claustrophobia of the suburbs what she dubs Slumurbia Maha reveals a love for the outrageous as she clashes with the conventions of her community. Always a free spirit, she soon learns how to weave around the strict boundaries of Muslim life and as a rebellious teenager, nothing holds her back from experiencing first love, a bit of partying and a tantalising romance (all between prayers, of course). But when it counts the most, rules must be obeyed and as she heads towards her twentieth birthday, there is no way Maha can avoid Marriage to a Suitable Boy. With refreshing energy, Maha treats us to the ups and downs of her passionate (though sometimes quite vulnerable) young heart, and a life in which she’s not quite in charge.

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Author: Sumayya Lee
ISBN: 9780795702457
Publisher: Kwela Books
Size (cm): 1.9 x 22.9 x 15.2
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Weight: 323.1846 grams
Language: English
Publication Date: Durban (South Africa)

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Sumayya Lee

Sumayya Lee was born in Durban, South Africa during apartheid. At fifteen, under the tutelage of an inspirational English teacher, Lee found her calling, yet had no idea how long it would be before her dream of being a writer would be realised. Lee married at twenty and studied to be a Montessori Directress during this time. Two children later, she was divorced and seeking new direction. She did a Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and went on to work with adults. She is now re-married and lives in London with her husband, two children and their cats. She is the author of The Story of Maha and Maha, Ever After and is currently working on her third novel.