The Book of Negroes

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Abducted from her West African village at the age of eleven and sold as a slave in the American South, Aminata Diallo thinks only of freedom – and of finding her way home again. After escaping the plantation, torn from her husband and child, she passes through Manhattan in the chaos of the Revolutionary War, is shipped to Nova Scotia, and then joins a group of freed slaves on a harrowing return odyssey to Africa. Based on a true story, Lawrence Hill’s epic novel spans three continents and six decades to bring to life a dark and shameful chapter in our history through the story of one brave and resourceful woman.

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Author: Lawrence Hill
ISBN: 9780552775489
Country: West Africa
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd; Black Swan
Size (mm): 124 x 198 x 34
Pages: 512
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black & White
Weight 340 grams
Language: English
Publication  Date: 01 Apr 2010

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