“Study War No More”: The Case of JEM

KSh 2,500

Study War No More offers a fascinating study of certain aspects of asymmetrical warfare in Africa, an angle rarely covered in literature on armed uprisings. In particular, it focuses on warfare strategies and military tactics deployed in combat. Engaging with high-profile commanders of the formidable rebel group, the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), the author proceeds to investigate a reality he finds most perplexing. Biographies of the commanders interviewed in the book show clearly that rebels are not born. They are a product of injustice.



Sub-title: Military Tactics of a Sudanese Rebel Movement
Author: Dr. Abdullahi El-Tom
ISBN: 9781569023754
Country: South Sudan
Publisher: Red Sea Press,U.S.
Size (mm): 137.16 x 213.36 x 20.32
Pages: 234
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Weight 385.55 grams
Language: English
Date: 13 Jun 2013

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