Pathway to Achieving your Full Potential

by Geoffrey M. Ongwae

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Therefore pathway to achieving your full potential seeks to help you deserve some very basic secrets on how you can start from where you are right now and still exploit your full potential in life.

The author is a living example that anyone can turn their dreams into reality by the help of God. He is strongly persuaded that it is not just knowing WHERE you were born but, knowing WHY you were born that makes the difference.

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Author: Geoffrey M. Ongwae
ISBN: 978-9966- Lb32-9- 5
Publisher: Lavinda Limited
Pages: 158 pages
Format: Paperback
Colour: Coloured
Language: English
Publication Date: 2015

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Geoffrey M. Ongwae

Anointed minister of the gospel, a motivational speaker as well as reputable mentor to many upcoming ministers. He is the senior pastor of Nyamira West Pentecostal Church which he founded in the Year 2012. He has a degree in theology from Shalom and Diploma in Bible and College Nyangori. He is married to Ruth and together they are blessed with three daughters; Blessed, Angel and Gift. They live in Nyamira Town where they serve.