A Curious Faith: Love, Loss and Living

by Kevin Muriithi

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The white mass of cloud hovers by gradually in the light blue background of the sky in the horizon. An affirmation to this “speaking,” the multi-coloured roses, lilies and sunflowers are in concert with the incessant chirping of the birds, with their different harmonies. Their singing never seems to end. The palms and pines are melodiously dancing to the whispering wind, as she traverses to and fro, not knowing wither to go. A long time passion of mine has been listening to this speech of nature . . . I enjoy spending time in her presence, for to me she is a theatre of the beauties and excellences of something other than that which is us.


How does a Christian worldview deal with issues such as love, loss and living? In this personal account, A Curious Faith: Love, Loss and Living traces the story of a young adult as he wrestles intellectually with the claims of the Christian faith. Writing with authenticity and compassion, he shares the familiar process people go through during loss and grieving and how faith gives a hopeful resource in finding love and purpose.
A Curious Faith is a winsome account that takes the reader on a journey that can resonate with anyone who is:

  • Genuinely seeking for truth.
  • Struggling with the loss of a loved one.
  • Curious about Christian life and worldview.

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Author: Kevin Muriithi
Color: Crisp White
ISBN: 978-9966-094-70-4
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 113
YearPublished: 2016
Publisher: Self-Published

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Kevin Muriithi

A Curious Faith: Love, Loss and LivingKevin Muriithi holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a Masters of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies. He is a practicing Engineer in the field of energy and power systems and his ministry revolves around teaching, discipleship and apologetics. He enjoys a nice conversation with friends, playing musical instruments, football, movies and literature. He describes himself as a work in progress. You can also read more from his blog here: http://theogrimage.blogspot.co.ke