by K.E Strokez

KSh 250

When Ken Bridge arrives at his new school, he has one ambition: to get himself expelled. But when the statue in the courtyard does something to him, he wakes up missing one thing and in possession of another. Getting kicked out will not be so easy,especially not from a school with so many other things going on.

A crime has been committed, a prophecy has to be fulfilled, too many mistakes have been made, and his entire class has to solve a riddle to get some of their most basic equipment. It soon becomes clear that he might be going out of his mind.

An enigmatic student who no one else seems able to see but Ken seems to have taken it upon himself to get on his nerves. On top of that, something is watching him, controlling him and keen not to let him leave.


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K.E Strokez

K.E. Strokez is a person who sometimes writes things. That is the best description we can give of ourselves. And we earned the right to use the royal “we” when we learned how to spell it. So there. We are an author who likes science fiction and the occasional radio crime drama. We also like to listen to podcasts and things about space. If that makes us a nerd, then you haven’t seen us when motorcycles are in the picture. The ultimate aim of this author is not to appear, but to be understood. To have one’s message and ideas recognized past the realm of what is familiar with the audience while relaying it in a format they can understand. We intend to build more interactive stories in the future: a game or two, perhaps. There are several series in the works, as well as random posts, and we have a website you might like to check out.