The Penguin Book of Modern African Poetry

KSh 1,690

‘Poetry, always foremost of the arts in traditional Africa, has continued to compete for primacy against the newer forms of prose fiction and theatre drama.’ This wonderfully comprehensive anthology of African poetry has been expanded to include ninety-nine poets from twenty-seven countries, thirty-one of whom appear for the first time. Equally wide-ranging is the content of the poetry itself: war songs and political protests jostle with poems about human love, African nature and the surprises that life offers; all are represented in these rich and colourful pages.



Author: Various
ISBN: 9780140424720
Country: Africawide
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Size (mm): 145 x 194 x 23
Pages: 480
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Weight 249g
Language: English
Publication Date: 01 Nov 2007

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