The High Road

KSh 450

The story revolves around Form Two student, Bella Tugi, whose best friends Eva and Tom – often teased ‘mice’ for their academic pursuits – are each other’s companions in the otherwise hostile High Road Academy. Bella finds herself sucked into the company of a Form Two trio – Kim, Rachel and Linda. Although initially they only engage her help in finishing class work and milder forms of mischief, she soon finds herself drawn much deeper into their activities. Bella finds herself caught in a love triangle when the boy she thought was Linda’s boyfriend begins to show her an inordinate amount of attention. The story comes to an epic climax when a second skiving-from- school attempt forces the entire High Road Academy fraternity to look at themselves anew.

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Author: Jennie Marima
ISBN: 978 9966 068 415
Country: Kenya
Publisher: One Planet Publishing and Media Service Limited
Size (mm): B6
Pages: 138
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black & White
Weight 309 grams
Language: English
Publication Date: 2016


About the Author

Jennie Marima is an author, editor and a regular contributor to Saturday Nation’s Weekend. She has published a children’s picture book Rundo the Elephant and contributed to Sisters Born, Sisters Found an anthology of short stories published by Wordforest in the US.

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