The Ghosts of 1894

by Oduor Jagero

KSh 1,000

“More than eight years ago, I started writing an African’s story, a novel, a thriller about the story of a Rwandan running away from his country in 1959 – what is known as a Hutu Revolution of 1959.

I wanted to tell a story that goes beyond the 1994 but plotted in the thick of 1994. I tracked Rwandan story to 18th century. But I realized that telling the Rwandan tragedy leads you to the Ugandan tragedy under Idi Amin. And many other East African stories.

I lived in Rwanda for eight months researching this story – and while in Rwanda, I realized that Rwandan story is embedded in Uganda’s own story. So people who have been asking me about my trips to Uganda, this is largely part of the reason.

This painful research and writing and reading has birthed my second novel THE GHOSTS OF 1894.”

– Oduor Jagero, author



Author: Oduor Jagero KOA
ISBN:  978-0-7538-2697-3
Publisher: Self published
Size (inches): 5.1 x 1 x 8
Pages: 350pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Weight: 379.8836 grams
Language: English
Publication Date: April, 2016

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Oduor Jagero

Oduor Jagero is a journalist, documentary scriptwriter, a poet, and a novelist. He is the 2011 African Playwright winner and acclaimed author of the musical sequels Color of God, Confessions Of a Harlot, Eyes on the Rock and the winning Musical Makmende Vies for President. He works for his company KoaMedia LTD, a media consulting firm. He also writes for magazines and online publications. He is a tech enthusiast and Lead at CMS AFRICA, an organization that carries out tech tours around universities while also organizing the annual tech event, CMS AFRICA SUMMIT. Oduor writes a column for the Star Newspaper as well as the founder of KUT – an online anthology of short stories, poetry and creative non-fiction. He is married , plans to have a cat and a dog, and later, have a son and a daughter.