The Day the Madmen Knew

by Babatunde Oyateru

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This story, in brief, features a neighbourhood in what is described as a major capital in West Africa. Its protagonist is a neighbourhood madman and through his interaction with key characters in the story, the book will explore the themes of community, control, fate and resignation.


“Engineer, Engineer,” the Young Minister called out to him as he walked into his office. It was in that
ambiguous way that sounded either ominous or playful, and judging from the Minister’s countenance and beaming smile, Ogunmakin knew that it was playful and relaxed. “Honourable Minister,” Ogunmakin countered with a small bow, referring to his office. “Sit down please,” he gestured to the chair opposite him. The Minister was not sitting at his desk. He was sitting on the couch at the reception area of his office, which was another good sign for Ogunmakin.”


“Thoroughly powerful read! even from an American perspective. The character development is
masterful. Several moments left me lost in thought and forced me to embrace a world bigger than
mine. A factual glimpse into a part of the world misportrayed by the media…Diamonds are indeed
hidden in dirt. WORTH EVERY PENNY. highly recommend to westerners and westernized Africans. A triumph for what seems to be the authors first published book”. Olan Glover – Amazon Customer

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Author: Babatunde Oyateru
ISBN:  978-1- 64136-575- 8
Country: Nigeria
Publisher:  Lightning Source
Size (inches):
Pages:  300
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black & White
Language: English
Publication Date: 2017


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Babatunde Oyateru

Tunde Oyateru

Tunde Oyateru

I am a Nigerian living and working in Kenya. The Day the Madmen Knew is my debut Novel. Babatunde Oyateru is a communication professional who first discovered his penchant for written expression in the fifth grade where he was encouraged to write and first introduced to the works of Shakespeare, Achebe, Dickens and a host of others. He holds a Degree in International Relations and an in Business Management. He currently resides in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife and two sons. He maintains a keen interest in politics, film and film-making, literature, music, sports and cuisine.