The Rosary

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Immaculée Ilibagiza believes that praying the rosary spared her from being slaughtered during the horrific 1994 Rwanda genocide, in which her family and more than a million other innocent men, women, and children were brutally murdered. Nearly two decades later, Immaculée continues to pray the rosary every day and marvels at how she is constantly renewed and richly rewarded by rejoicing in this glorious prayer. It has helped her in every aspect of her life, from literally saving her life to strengthening her faith, easing sorrows, changing heartache into happiness, healing illnesses in herself and others, solving family problems, landing a dream job, finding long-lost friends, and even locating lost keys!

In The Rosary: The Prayer That Saved My Life, Immaculée reveals how the rosary’s many blessings can be reaped by each and every one of us. In this moving and uplifting book, the New York Times bestselling author recounts her personal experience of discovering the power and the beauty of the ancient beads—and shows all of us how to enrich our own lives by exploring and embracing the mysteries, secrets, and promises of the prayer that became her “lifeline to heaven.”



Sub-title: The Prayer That Saved My Life
Author: Immaculaee Ilibagiza, Steve Erwin
ISBN: 9781401940188
Country: Rwanda
Publisher: HAY HOUSE
Size (mm): 137.16 x 210.82 x 20.32
Pages: 241
Format: Paperback
Colour: Coloured
Weight 362.87g
Language: English
Publication Date: 15 Aug 2014

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