Pamela The Probation Officer

by Cynthia E. Hunter

KSh 300

Here is another exciting book from the popular Phoenix Young Readers Library. This time you learn about the many and varied duties of a Probation Officer. Pamela’s adventures are woven into a thrilling story, which, as with the author’s other books, has a completely authentic background. Pamela The Probation Officer begins with an embarrassing experience when Pamela finds a newborn baby left outside her office door. She then goes up-country for various intriguing investigations, including unravelling the mystery of the disappearance of a Probation Officer.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is an amazing book that I can read for the 100th time.. Its been in my shelf from when I was 13 years
    The adventure and twist of events is interesting while the drama mind blowing
    Five star rating for sure

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Cynthia E. Hunter