Meet the Omtitas

by Tony Mochama

KSh 400

The year is 1990. Tommy Omtita, a year out of school, is waiting to go to campus. Fifteen-year old Bonnie Omtita is trying to become both his secondary school’s goalkeeper, and top poet, while keeping out of the way of the estate bully, Obash Kamwaro. Throw in their playfeul domestic help, Nandwa, their mad mongrel, Shiva, and the daft estate gatekeeper ‘Kill Pat’ and we are left gasping for breath as the mad mix of characters leave us roaring in laughter, or in fits of giggles, sometimes with hands held over our mounths.



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Tony Mochama

Tony Mochama is a lawyer-turned-journalist for The Standard newspaper, a poet and essayist who has participated in creative writing workshops in Kenya, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Canada. He has published three books, What If I’m a Literary Gangsta?(poetry), The Road to Eldoret (short stories), the Leap Frog Award winning Princess Adhis and the Naija Coca Broda.