In The Land of the Kitchen

by Oluoch Madiang’

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This children’s story from Storymoja falls under canon of African literature.

A funny story based on animated kitchen utensils which helps both kids and adults discuss and identify ways in which conflict begins, how conflict affects us and how to deal with it.

On Sunday the 2nd December 2007, In The Land of the Kitchen, a hilarious analogy of peace and conflict based on kitchen utensils won the Storymoja Storytelling Competition at Impala grounds, Nairobi, Kenya. A few days later, we went to the ballots and the rest as they say is now history.

Premonition?? Fast forward, 20th December 2008 the story has been developed with the help of child psychologists into an award-winning book, with interesting illustrations and discussion section, it’s a must have in any peace loving home.

“We all want a bright future for our children, and because time does fly, lets co-operate and equip our children with skills and tools that will help them today to experience a better tomorrow.”
– Wanjiku Kamau, Educator and Trainer

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Oluoch Madiang’

Oluoch Madiang’ is an actor, director, playwright, adjudicator, poet and accomplished narrator. He has published the children’s book, In The Land of The Kitchen (StoryHippo) and written about the Narrative genre extensively for teacher/producers in Kenya. "Of course the street talks. Says many things with many two-sided mouths. Me I hear things on the street: interesting words, sad words, happy words. Streety thingies! Ni tu kuzishare hapa. So lets hear the street. There are no lies here, only words on the street."