Dust and the Shadow

by Valerie Cuthbert

KSh 650

Dust and the Shadow is the epic story of the exodus of the people of Shuk in search of Ophir, the Promised Land of Africa. We are taken across the vast continent in the primeval time; down threatening deserts,  flooded rivers and the great Rift Valley, forests inhabited by fierce wildlife and tribesmen, fire, thunder and pestilence.

In the process, Valarie Cuthbert weaves a compelling and touching story of a tender love, stoic suffering and stately leadership. As in her first novel, The Great Siege of Fort Jesus, this novel is peopled by a crowd but each character is recognisable and, in many cases, lovable.


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Valerie Cuthbert

Valerie Cuthbert is a published author of children's books. Published credits of Valerie Cuthbert include Beneath the Rainbow: A Collection of Children's Stories and Poems from Kenya and Yusuf bin Hasan;: The sultan who gained his revenge (Makers of African history).