Being a Bird

KSh 715

‘Take a look around you.  Can you see a bird?  With its mountains, forests, grasslands, deserts, lakes and ocean, Kenya is home to more kinds of birds than almost anywhere else in the world.  Many of them are very interesting indeed.  You don’t have to visit a national park to see these amazing birds.  Some of them live right outside your door.  It’s just a matter of looking a little closer…



Authors: Harriet Matsaert, Kevin Gichuki,Edson Mlamba,Peter Muriithi,Fleur Ngweno,Peter Wairasho
ISBN: 9966-761-18-7
Publisher: Nature Kenya
Size (inches):
Pages: 80 pages
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Language: English
Publication Date: 2012



Being a bird was written by written by Harriet Matsaert, Kevin Gichuki, Edson Mlamba, Peter Muriithi, Fleur Ng’weno and Peter Wairasho and is illustrated by Harriet Matsaert.All the authors are members of Nature Kenya, and share a passion for Kenyan birds.  Fleur has been the leader of Nature Kenya’s morning bird-watching walk since 1971.

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