A Side of Raunch

by Abigail Arunga

KSh 200

Abigail Arunga’s second collection of work deeper explores the correlation between words and bodies, sensualities and things left unsaid. With 3 additional poems from poets Christine Muthoga and regular collaborator Kylie Kiunguyu, A Side of Raunch seeks to reveal the side that we all know is there but rarely dare speak of, but should. Unless you’re horrible. Or dead. Enjoy.


please me.
Don’t tease.
If you’re coming come in.
If you’re touching
touch there
if you’re loving me.
Love’s snare.
Don’t tease.



Author: Abigail Arunga
Country: Kenya
Publisher: Artsy Fartsy
Size (inches): N/A
Pages: 224
Format: EBOOK
Colour: Black & White
Size 6,457K
Language: English
Publication  Date: February 29th 2016


  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Written just how I like my poetry. nice, easy ,raunchy!

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Abigail Arunga

Abigail Arunga is a passive-aggressive and narcissistic writer who hopes her dreadlocks will one day grow to the length of Maxi Priest's hair and acknowledges the fact that her father doesn't think she has a real job. She hopes to someday have a lot more money than she does now by writing a lot/winning the lottery/forcing as many people as she possibly can to buy her first - and the others that will follow - book.