theMagunga is a theatre of stories. We collect stories and put them up so you can dwell in them, revel in their beauty and share that beauty with the world. We publish stories in many forms, we review books and we partner with lit festivals. In the spirit of continuing to share beautifully written words, theMagunga decided to open this online bookstore, to promote the distribution and reading of Kenyan and African books.

It’s about spreading the word (literally) and also about convenience. Order online, from the website, and have the book delivered to you for any where in the world. Delivery charges will be shown as you checkout. Since we are passionate about stories as well as improving the reading culture in our society, we strive to provide the best possible deals on the books we stock.

So go check out our bookstore and get your read need satiated. It is, after all, what you know theMagunga does best.

Thank you for shopping with us.


theMagunga Bookstore
Magunga Williams

He is the one who came up with the whole idea of opening this bookstore. He writes, he reads and makes a lot of noise on social media. Proud owner of a broken tooth.

theMagunga Bookstore
David Mabiria

He built this home for us. Takes care of the tech issues. He prays a lot, especially before designing something. His faith will save us all.

theMagunga Bookstore
Abigail Arunga

The boss-lady of editorial. She spit-shines words until they sing. Don't mess with her dreads. If she sounds familiar, then you must've read her poetry book, Akello.

theMagunga Bookstore
Oduor Oduku

He is the scout of the group. Tells us which titles we need to stock. Finds the gem that people don't know about; voices in need of being heard. Don't eat fish with fork and knife next to him.